About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Tennessee Christmas Tree Growers Association (TCTGA) is to promote the growing and marketing of real Christmas trees across the state. Our purpose is to help Christmas tree growers have successful and profitable farm operations. We provide learning opportunities to help new and established farms in the agriculture and selling aspects of Christmas trees.

The present Association membership includes Christmas Tree farms and nurseries ranging in size from four to several thousand acres. The farms are spread across the state of Tennessee in three different climatic regions. The types of trees grown are diverse, including mountainous trees like firs and spruces and warm weather trees such as pines and cypress varieties. TCTGA members range from a few large wholesale farms, to family-operated, choose and cut farms.

Association meetings are held throughout each year with a variety of guest speakers and farm visits. The meetings are open to the public and anyone interested in Christmas tree farming is invited to attend.